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Learn To Sew

This class is designed for people with little or no sewing experience. You will be able complete a pair of pull on pants and an over the head top. The course will cover tools for the trade, how to read a pattern envelope including how to determine your size, fabric selection, pattern preparation and basic fitting. The suggested pattern is McCalls M2476 and the instructor will have some these patterns for sale. This is a fun class and geared to inspire you to join the sewing world. You must use your own sewing machine- it must be in working order and you must know how to use it.

If you always wanted to get into sewing but never had the time, here is the perfect class for you. It is for absolute beginners who would like make simple clothes, cushions, bags, alterations etc and need to learn how to sew first in a short space of time. Using one of Central?s classroom sewing machines, learn sewing machine operation, threading, practise essential machine stitches and learn all the sewing basics to get started. These will include how to pin & cut fabric, sewing seams, seam finish edges, topstitching & a closure. Next, take these new skills and sew an easy tote bag. Now, you are ready to go home with the confidence to continue more sewing projects!

Cost: $ 110.00
Beginner sewers will learn the basics of the sewing machine, choosing a pattern, suitable fabrics, and make a simple garment from a woven fabric. Sewers with more experience will increase their skills learning about zippers, buttons and buttonholes, pockets and how to work with different fabrics.

Cost: $ 200.00
From beginners to more advanced, this weekly 2.5 hour class teaches adults the basics of sewing and following patterns. The teachers adapt each lesson to the skill set of those enrolled.

Cost: $ 200.00
Using your selected pattern for a blouse, skirt, pants or jacket, learn to sew in zippers, buttons and buttonholes, sleeves, pockets and linings.

Cost: $ 200.00
This class is designed for people with some sewing experience. In this class we will pick up where the Learn to Sew 1 class left off. At the orientation class we will discuss your choice of pattern according to your sewing experience. You will learn more about pattern alterations and fitting. We will do samples for putting in various zippers besides putting a suitable zipper in the garment being made in class. We will practice doing button holes and machine sewing on buttons.

Cost: $ 200.00